Reselling websites means we create stunning websites for your target customers without you doing any of the work.

It's Time To Give What You Don't Have

Who says you can’t give what you don’t have? If you want to provide value to your clients, but lack the time and expertise to hire, train and manage employees to create beautiful websites, then you can become our whitelabel web design reseller.

It’s the perfect opportunity to use other company’s resources and label it under your own brand without getting your hands dirty.

Become A Website Reseller
Outsource Web Design

Outsource Web Design
To Us

Outsource Web Design

Attract more clients and small businesses with our expert services even without the professional ability to design and develop websites. By using our website reseller program, you don’t wear all the hats to run your business.

Just get started today! Focus on what you do best (which is nurturing your existing client base), ask them to have their website done, and we’ll do it on your behalf.

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Design and Build Websites

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Mix & Match

Design and Build Websites

Use our tried and true methods in designing and building websites so that you’ll only deliver the website that your clients will love without doing all the guesswork. No need to recruit and train an additional staff member. Stop wasting money, time, and company resources on outdated and ineffective solutions by joining us.

With many years of experience under our belt, we provide laser-focused solutions to different businesses that want to bring their digital marketing efforts to the next level. Our tools are calibrated to address modern challenges.

Forget About Hiding Under the Desk
When Things Go Bad

With whitelabel web designs, you don’t need to feel burdened facing dissatisfied business owners. We have creative professionals who understand the market, and we know how to customize designs for every business owner’s pressing needs. By choosing us as your white label design partner, we guarantee that we only offer quality websites and maintenance support such as site hosting and tech support.

Work With A White Label Design Agency

You Build Relationships,
We Build Websites

Selling products and services to an existing customer is much easier when you join forces with someone you trust. Become that one-stop and let us “wow” the small businesses you work with by building the responsive sites that make their brand pop online for years to come.

Customer Support is Ours;
The Profit Is Yours

Worried about not knowing what to answer if your client asks something about their website? Chill, because we can handle the customer support for you.

Our team has highly-skilled project managers who will oversee the work of web designers and web developers. If an issue arises before or after the site is complete, we can help fix the problem and communicate with you, or answer clients questions on your behalf. With Direct Allied Agency, you have the choice on how to package your white label reselling business.

White Label Proposal Under Your Brand

All Proposals
Under Your Brand

Not comfortable sharing your clients information with other white label companies? No problem. We understand that businesses, in general, want to keep their customer relationship exclusive and intimate. As your trusted white label web development and design solutions provider, we can even operate behind the scenes and deliver the service to you without them knowing.

We help design, create and deliver quality proposals that include all the features and pricing for all the projects your client needs. We can send quotes to your prospects under your name, email address and branding for a more personalized experience.

Quick Statistics

Not sure if there’s a demand for this type of service? Take a look at some of these numbers:

  • 37% of small businesses plan to intensify their digital promotion in the next 12 months

  • 47% of small business owners promote their products and services on their own (LeadPages)

  • 73% of organizations are investing in remarkable designs to differentiate their brands (Adobe, 2018)

  • “Design-driven” organizations are 69% more likely than their peers to have exceeded their 2020 business goals by a significant margin.

Why Become A Website Reseller?
step 1 how it works

Add New Revenue Streams Using Your Network

We offer you a wholesale cost for the project, and that’s all you pay us! Earn an unlimited amount of money just by referring a client who wants to build their site at the price you set professionally. There is no need to acquire any tech skills, do coding, or deal with technical headaches.

We encourage you to be our white label website reseller if you are an online marketer. This is not your typical referral setup where you only receive income out of commissions. You are in control of your prices, and we are just here to grow with you and make your life easy.

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Be the One-stop Shop for Business Owners

Let’s become partners! Launching a harmonious digital marketing strategy becomes easy by starting a white label partnership. Start growing your agency by adding white label web design services to your packages.

Our white label website development agency offers a powerhouse of innovative website builders and versatile creatives. That means that if you have limited service offerings at the moment, we fill the gaps and push you to increase sales, improve the customer retention rate, and be the authority on your platform.

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Deliver Top-notch Websites without Doing the Technical Stuff

Pitch the niche-specific websites we’ve built for small businesses and large corporations even without experience in building a website for their business. As resellers, it’s easy to ditch the idea that you need to know WordPress development or coding. As a white label agency, our professional experts will build the site from the ground up.

Our Website Reseller Program
Is Perfect For
A White Label Agency Has Proven Systems in Place

A Digital Marketing Agency

Your client’s digital campaigns will not be complete if they don’t have access to a captivating website. If you’re running a digital marketing company and you have too much on your plate, be our reseller.

Secure your profit every month without hiring more people on your team or dealing with a ton of work. Set your gross margin and capitalize on the power of your client base to increase your revenue without exhausting your in-house staff or yourself.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Guide small businesses to successfully scale their business by offering to create a website for them. There’s no limit to what you can do as a reseller. If they approve, we’ll do it for you, and you’ll deliver to them on time as promised.


Almost 36% of small businesses don’t have a website at all, and it’s the golden opportunity to help them grow and give access to more profitable channels outside their social media account.

Cost-Effective website In The Long Run
Grow Your White Label Web Design Business

An Entrepreneur Wanting for More

White label web designing is one example of the fastest ways to make money that many agencies use to grow their business and secure profits. Take advantage of our private label website builder to see the magic and enjoy earning money by converting your leads into happy customers. Be one of our partners and start selling your private label websites from us. You determine your entrepreneurial journey from just another passive income business into active income-generating machinery. Treat reselling websites as your own business by joining us as a website reseller.

How To Earn More Profit
As A Website Reseller?
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Set Your Own Profit Margins Freely

Once you become a partner in our website reseller program, you are free to charge your clients your own prices based on their budget. Once they send the payment, all you need to do is pay us our fixed wholesale cost, and all the extra revenue you collect is 100% yours to keep. Not bad considering the usual price range of building and designing a basic website goes for $2,000 to $5,000.

Secure your Monthly Recurring Revenue Easily

Your profit as a reseller doesn’t end after the site is up on the internet. Businesses need a dedicated team to maintain and manage their site setup. You can even charge a monthly fee for us to ensure their site is secure and free from trouble.

Secure your Monthly Recurring Revenue
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Upsell Other Digital Services to Your Clients

Having a responsive website will open more doors for your clients. As their businesses expand, so does your value. We’ll help you start upselling your service by providing a white-label WordPress maintenance service designed to put you and your clients to success. The more great services you offer, the smoother it is to upsell your products or services.

Let's Make It Work

Ready to make your competitors jealous and use our web design reseller program? We’re excited to build a profitable relationship with you as our white label partner. Click on the button below to get started.

Here's What
We Can Offer

  • Modern and Professional Web Design

  • Top-Notch On-page SEO services for Free

  • Free Personal Website Sales Coaching

  • Expert Teams and Tools

  • Seasoned Project Managers

  • Web Hosting Options

  • 24/7 Online Tech and Hosting Support

Custom Build Websites

WordPress For Agencies -
Resell Web Design

Start becoming a WordPress white label reseller by launching your online platform today. As a full-scale WordPress web design company, we will host and manage sites for your clients to improve their sales and rake in more profits. Other white label services professionals will only offer standard features, but we provide you with a comprehensive, yet simple and personalized experience. Each design is built to benefit your clients’ businesses.

  • Free SSL

  • Domain Registration

  • Free Firewall

  • Free CDN

  • Migration & Email Assistance

  • Regular back-ups

  • Regular Virus and Malware scans

  • Competitive Servers

  • WordPress Management

  • Lightning Fast Speeds

  • WordPress Installation

  • FREE On-page SEO