Free On-Page SEO Setup

All of our websites are built with professional on-site SEO by optimizing multiple pages based on Google best practices to rank higher in an organic search. Our white label partners are safely charging their clients an additional $500-$1,000 for this service alone…but you get it for FREE!

On-Page SEO

Why Is On-Page SEO
Important For Your Clients?

On-page SEO is the foundation of all effective organic search marketing campaigns by properly setting up the website to tell Google, and other bots what the business is all about. This critically important strategy starts with keeping site data organized and easy to understand for both humans and robots. Here’s why it’s crucial for your client’s business:

  • It keeps your content readable and indexable
  • It boosts chances of getting on the top spot of the search results
  • It improves conversion rate
  • It supports other SEO functions

We know how tough it is to run a digital agency, especially if you only offer a limited set of services. Businesses want you to manage all of their digital campaigns, but you can’t easily give in because it’s risky, time-consuming, and costly.

Whenever this happens, we step right in to give you an extra hand and supply the needed support to bring top-notch digital solutions, especially in On-page SEO.

On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of an optimizable page as opposed to off-page SEO, which refers to outbound links and other external signals.

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

Why Outsource?

Mistakes when setting up pages can cripple your clients company, so here are a few reasons to send this work off to a pro.

step 1 how it works


Search engine optimization is a difficult skill to learn. Only few white label design agencies dare to offer this as an add-on service because it takes a lot of trial and error to crack the code on how to rank a web page and content on top of the search engine results pages.

Surprise! You don't need to worry about on page optimizations because we got you covered.

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Requires Technical Skills

From time to time, the algorithm changes, and the SEO best practices of yesterday may no longer hold value today.

Optimizing web pages for a specific target keyword demands technical skills to catch up with these changes. It takes an expert to implement these into actions that search engines understand. Working with us means working with the experts.

step 3 how it works

SEO Demands Sustained Effort

Not all agencies have the time and patience to deal with all the SEO guesswork for their clients.

Partner with us! We'll provide an SEO checklist for you to know the appropriate solutions you can introduce to your clients.

Let’s jump on a quick call and start putting money in your pockets!

What We Can Do

Keywords Research

Title Tag or Page Title Optimization

The title tag appears within the results page under the URL but over the meta descriptions. It gives a glimpse of what’s inside.

Some businesses start their website with titles tags that are too broad to target the appropriate audience or very unorganized, which confuses search engine crawlers and human site visitors.

We don’t shy away from creating hypnotic and spot-on title tags. We have seasoned SEO strategists ready to implement the on-page strategies and advanced SEO tactics to make an impactful title tag that would genuinely represent your client’s brand.

Meta Description Optimization

It’s challenging to encapsulate the gist of long-form blog posts or complex service pages into a 160-character meta description.

Though not a ranking factor, meta tags influence a user to click the content or not because Google displays them as a component of the search results.

When you join us, we have an army of SEO writers ready to create a brief description of your post that would invite potential customers and increase the click-through rate (CTR).

Meta Description Optimization
search engine optimization

Headings Audit

Dividing the content with proper headings simplifies the process of navigating your site.

We do headings audits to check if they build structured data on their pages and how to increase the chance of displaying their content into the featured snippet.

With the power of SEO copywriting, we’ll make every page’s title exciting for their customers for your client to land the first page of the search result. Our well-versed SEO strategists and writers know how to create impactful header tags that answer the search intent right from the get-go.

URL Optimization

URLs not only makes it easier for users to understand what your post is about, but it also makes it much easier for other domains to link to your clients.

When you partner with us, we ensure that your client’s sites have URLs that:

  • follow a consistent URL structure
  • display a concise format
  • are punctuated appropriately
  • are shareable and professional (Seo friendly urls)
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Image Optimization

Search engines can’t see the unique images inside your post, and it only relies on the image alt attributes humans put in it. If your clients run an e-commerce store or a blog, we’ll boost their chances of ranking high on the search results by optimizing all their images.

Search engines can’t see the unique images inside your post, and it only relies on the image alt attributes humans put in it. If your clients run an e-commerce store or a blog, we’ll boost their chances of ranking high on the search results by optimizing all their images.

Our SEO strategists have various solutions to tell Google image search to rank your images to the top spot of google images and other SEs.

Here are some of the things we can do to entice your audience to click your images that will lead to your web content:

  • Add alt-text to stock images (so that crawlers can easily recognize the descriptions of images)
  • Include an alternative text optimized for voice search
  • Compress images without affecting quality ( to improve page speed, especially in mobile devices)
  • Add schema markup (to attract more visitors with featured snippets or rich snippets)

Internal Link Audit

As a guide to on-page SEO, internal links are essential because it’s a way of showing Google that you create content related to each other. We offer this as part of our on-page SEO services to lure their prospects into knowing more about their content and improving conversion rates.

Internal Link Audit -
Content Audit

Content Audit

Search engines like Google prefer high-quality content, and it determines your website content based on various on-page SEO factors. If your client has an existing website but doesn’t work well on search rankings, we’ll run a content audit to assess what’s lacking on the page’s content, what posts should be killed or improved and how we can hit their targets.

We’ll deliver the following services:

  • Ensure that all image alt tags are placed properly
  • URL contains the target keywords (especially the long-tail keywords)
  • Different pages don’t compete on the same keyword or the exact keyword
  • Keyword-rich anchor text audit
  • Duplicate content check (the same page with similar content)

Content Optimization

Keeping your keywords and sentence structure intentional keeps you ahead of the curve. An attention-grabbing CTA empowered by targeted keywords gives your client’s content a remarkable spice. We know how users crave rich content, and we excel in finding their tickle spot.

Ranking your content requires a lot of legwork, but it pays off when you optimize your content with us right from the start. We’ll do this on your behalf:

  • Do targeted keyword research
  • Address the user intent
  • Check the content for keyword stuffing
  • Keyword density is at an optimal range for a specific blog post
  • Check if there are Internal links to relevant blog posts
  • Solidify internal linking strategies
  • Handwriting of Content Strategy

    On-Page Optimization Service

    We offer a $300 upgrade to really wow your customers and ensure their SEO success by providing a full report consisting of enhanced keyword research, backlink audit, technical SEO website analysis, link building, competitor research and more. This data is critical when a business relies on organic traffic via Google search results for leads and sales.

    You can make more money while we do a complete SEO set up in Google Analytics, Web Core Vitals and local maps. Overlooking this step could mean that the website is not visible to search engine bots.